Acetic acid is popular in the clothing market


Acetic acid fabric is a very popular fabric in the past two years, is used in a variety of high-grade brands of fashion materials, such as custom sport wear, windbreaker, leather, ceremonial clothes, cheongsam, wedding dress, Tang suit and so on.It is an alternative to silk, which is very similar in shape and feel but much cheaper than silk.


Acetic acid fabric, commonly known as ACETATE cloth, also known as Asa, is the Chinese homophonic word for English ACETATE.It is a kind of pure natural wood pulp fiber extracted from the high quality conifer pulp, which is made by the high quality textile technology. It has bright color, bright appearance, smooth and comfortable contact, luster and function are close to the mulberry silk.Compared with cotton, hemp and other natural fabrics, the absorption of acetic acid cloth wet gas, resilience is very good, can not afford static electricity and hair ball, stick skin comfortable.


Acetic acid fabric has good dyeing property, can be dyed with disperse dyes, good coloring function, bright color, better than other cellulose fibers.Acetate cloth thermoplastic good, acetate fiber at 200℃ ~ 230℃ softening, 260℃ melting, similar to synthetic fiber, plastic deformation after the shape is no longer recovered, with permanent deformation.