Our Factories

  • Santic Garments Knitting Co.,ltd

    Production Line:12


  • Jiangxi Santic Garments Co.,ltd

    Production Line:12


  • Santic Bangladesh Co.,Ltd.

    Production Line: 24

    Capacity: 500,000pcs/month

Over 20 production partners

Now, our supply chain has capacity of 4.5 million pcs/month

(160 hanging production lines).

There are four partners with a monthly production capacity of 500,000pcs.

SB1 capacity: 600,000pcs/month, main customers: Xtep, 361°, GymShark

BX2 capacity: 550,000pcs/month, main customer: Xtep, CRAFT

RL3 capacity: 500,000pcs/month, main customer: FILA, SKECHERS

HS4 capacity: 500,000pcs/month, main customer: Anta, Stronger

AHD5 capacity: 500,000pcs/month, main customer: Li Ning, FILA, 4F

Supply Chain Support

  • Customer Relationship Management

    Improve business relationships to grow your business.

  • Logistics

    We continue to expand production and sales network, fast response to large volume orders.

  • Product Business

    Take advantage of the garment material suppliers to produce and sell products in their own factories.