• Material R & D

    Regular 600 Sourcing/Season

    Exclusive Yarn Engineering

  • Product Design

    7000+New Patterns/Year

    Regular Trend Reports/Season

    Collection Presentation

    Co-Creation w/Business Partner

  • Innovation

    3D Virtual Solution

    Smart Apparel

    Smart Production

    Intelligence Software and Analysis

New Athleisure Wear Technology Team

  • Pattern marker: Activewear team and Athleisure wear team
  • Sampling sewing team
  • Tenology & workmanship team
  • Sample merchandiser’s team: 2 teams
  • Cost management

New Workmanship

  • Reflective-Print Night-Running
  • Invisible-Printing&One-Way-Moisture-Conduction
  • Laser cut
  • Water-proof and Moisture-permeable
  • Shiny
  • Quick-drying&Cooling&Anti-UV

Smart Manufacturing


3DCLO Sampling Systems

We can offer 3D design services, bulk order, and custom designs with our 3DCLO technology. This technology is capable of adapting quickly and generating more intelligent developments for users.
3D Virtual Solution
3D Virtual Solution

We use artificial intelligence to synthesize Santic's preferences with big data, including the most popular styles and products people have purchased online.

Smart Apparel
Smart Apparel

We use a 3D design platform to simulate a living system and tailor clothes for you based on measurement.

Smart Production
Smart Production

We use sewer robots and cutting machines for production.

Intelligent Software and Analysis
Intelligent Software and Analysis

Our system can not only sense changes in the external environment or internal state, but also respond to such changes in real time, allowing us to develop more customer-oriented products.