Business Scope

  • Main Business: Foreign trade OEM, ODM orders
  • Main Products: Running Wear, Fitness Wear, Yoga Wear, Sports Bra, Cycling Wear, etc
  • Main Marketing Country: USA, UK, Australia, Canada & Europe

Business Type

  • OEM & ODM

    7 sales team, strive to be the biggest OEM & ODM servicer on Activewear, Sports bra, Athleisure, Winter Jacket, Seamless wear, Swim wear, Basic sports, Cyclingwear, Cycling shoes.

  • Small Order

    1 sales team and special production line offer service for small quantity clients.

  • Customize

    Offer customized service for sports club. Order can start from 1 piece.

Strong Business Team

    • Help designers source the right fabrics and accessories when their time and energy are limited.
    • Assist buyers to complete orders as soon as possible based on reasonable profit.
    • Professional business team: 3 + senior merchandisers focused on serving customers.
    • Respond to all emails within 24 hours.
    • Forward-thinking manufacturers and effective partners with a keen sense of fashion trends.