How to Dress for Tennis


What Do Players of Tennis Wear?

Tennis attire selection is all about comfort and style, and when those two factors are in balance, your confidence will greatly improve your performance. Katrina Scott is a professional tennis player who excels by dressing simply: "For practice, I usually like to wear shorts and a t-shirt — something comfortable that I can move easily in. I like to wear dresses or skirts to matches because it really simply puts me in the match mode, and the Santic dresses and skirts are just adorable.

There are many possibilities available, and here are some suggestions that men, women, and children can utilize to put together the ideal outfit. For the most cutting-edge sportswear technologies, including clothing created with recycled materials that help decrease plastic waste, be sure to check out the Santic tennis collections.

  • Shirt

T-shirts are the preferred top for the majority of men's and women's tennis costumes, whether they are sleeveless tanks, polo shirts, or training t-shirts. Find shirts composed of lightweight fabrics that allow for ventilation both inside and outside. Wear a sweatshirt or lightweight jacket when playing outside in the fall or winter to stay warm.

  • Skirt or Shorts

Men and women both like to wear shorts, especially in settings that are more relaxed. Women frequently choose a skirt to wear with their t-shirt or tank top when playing tennis in a match or at a tennis club. Compression shorts are typically integrated into tennis skirts to increase your sense of security and comfort.

  • Dresses

Women who attend matches or are members of tennis clubs frequently wear tennis attire. They provide support, comfort, and freedom of movement with integrated compression shorts so you may play any way you choose.

  • Leggings

Leggings are now permitted on the tennis court per new rules, whether or not a skirt is worn on top. Leggings give ladies more comfortable wardrobe alternatives because they provide compressive comfort and sun protection.

  • Shoes

Because rapid footwork is essential for athletic success, the shoes you choose to play tennis in have a significant impact on your performance. Scott likes to wear svelte, airy footwear because, in his words, "I like to wear something comfortable that I feel solid in and that I can move well in." When the shoes are more lightweight and somewhat slender, moving around is considerably simpler. 

  • Socks

Tennis shoes require compression, sweat-wicking socks as a necessary accessory. They will support and cushion your foot as you sprint and slide around the court.

  • Hat

A cap or visor is a necessary tennis item whether you're playing inside or outside in the heat. They aid in removing perspiration from your forehead and keep hair out of your eyes so you can concentrate.

In general, choose tennis attire that reflects your personal style because having fun is important. Scott, who prefers to dress in cozy shorts and a t-shirt for extended hours of practice, said that it really simply comes down to what makes you feel the most comfortable on the court. Although it truly really depends on the individual and their personality, I am aware that some people enjoy dressing in coordinated clothing during practice since it helps them feel better. Therefore, find what makes you happy, and it will show on the court.

No of your level of experience or how well you are swinging the racket, dress in Santic tennis apparel that can help you play like a pro.