Selecting Swimwear Based on Your Customer's Body Type


Selecting the ideal swimming wear may need some trial and error. What use is a fantastic swimming wear design if the wearer has to constantly tug at the bottom or the sleeves because it digs into their skin? Although it's critical for your clients to look their best, comfort in a suit is just as crucial.

A Swimming Wear For Every Woman

To choose the ideal suit, you need patience, time, and an open mind. Given that many women typically experience self-consciousness when their skin is exposed, it is crucial to consider the various body shapes while choosing swimwear. When they strip off for the beach or pool, they will feel more confident if they choose the proper suit that flatters their body.

Let's examine the many female body types and the styles that go well with each one:

Oval Shape

Oval bodies are frequently referred to as the well-known and adored "apple" body type. The secret to this body type is tummy control since it softly pulls your customer's belly in for a flawless fit and attractive shape. These designs often come in one-piece options, but high-waisted versions are also offered for the best tummy support. This body type is perfect for adding more interesting embellishments like side panels, ruching, and waist frills.

Triangle Shape 

The triangular body shape, sometimes known as the pear shape, has a straightforward and well-balanced design. The breast and shoulders can stand out because of the larger portion on the lower half, which is intended to bring attention upward. To direct attention upwards, we advise adopting outrageous, vibrant, and playful prints, colors, and accessories.

Hourglass Shape

Finding the ideal swimsuit style for women with the attractive hourglass form might be challenging. The lovely form goes with one or two items with the understanding that it will draw in slightly at the waist to highlight the wearer's inherent curves. Maintain a straightforward bottom because the hips shouldn't be the center of attention. In order to get more exposure for the entire body, it is preferable to spread the focus between the hips and bust.

Inverted Triangle Shape

The inverted triangle physique, also referred to as the cone shape, has broad shoulders and narrow hips. The bottom is the main emphasis of this design, which also adds extra volume and dimension to the hips and waist. If you have this body type, you should try to highlight your hips to draw attention to your midsection. Then, you can add the finishing touches, like as hoops, belts, ruffles, decorations, ribbons, and many more, to make the design come to life.

Rectangle Shape 

A straight silhouette and few curves define the rectangular body type. There is little to no waist definition, a similar width between the shoulders and hips, and some long legs. Include alternatives like string bikinis with hip ties, high cut styles, V-shaped bikini bottoms, and more to create the appearance of a smaller waist. One-piece and two-piece suits with waist cut-outs or lovely plunging necklines are both options.

Your swim line easy

With all these various body types, you may create a wide range of lovely swimsuit options for your clients of all body types.


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