Yoga That Fits Your Personality the Best


Everywhere in the last ten years, yoga has experienced a boom. The studios in Singapore offer a wide range of techniques, too. Our Activewear & Sportswear can also provide you with the best quality choices for your yoga practice.

All of this is amazing. But occasionally it may seem like there are simply too many yoga options! Your team is here to help with that. Based on your personality type, let us assist you in determining the sort of yoga that is best for you.

Type A

Do you prioritize goals over details? Do you enjoy having the reins? Are you driven, competitive, and flexible?

You probably have a Type A personality.

Acro yoga and aerial yoga may appeal to more outgoing Type A personalities who appreciate a challenge. These two varieties use a variety of poses that work the core muscles to involve the entire body. As you advance, you can experiment with different, more physically demanding alternatives that suit a personality that is prone to getting bored easily with slower-paced activities.

Yoga that is both meditative and difficult works well for Type A personalities who are more reserved. Look into Yin Yoga, which focuses on long, deep, calming stretches and is a great method to turn off an always-on brain.

Type B

Social butterflies that enjoy being among others and in the spotlight, Type Bs are frequently outgoing individuals. They are extroverted by nature and are open to new experiences. They are frequently regarded as capable dreamers, ideators, and motivators.

Extroverted Type Bs frequently become distracted. The ideal practice is one that aids concentration while being engaging enough to keep you interested. Given that it employs a range of positions and has numerous varieties that are all meant to promote flow, vinyasa yoga perfectly fits the bill.

Though they are uncommon, "introverted people-people" do exist. If you believe this to be the case, research more introspective activities that center on the self, such as Yoga Therapy, which caters to specific requirements. Mysore Ashtanga practitioners are still pushed as they develop at their own rate.

Type C

Type Cs are frequently quite analytical. This personality type is deliberate and has a clear perspective on events.

It should come as no surprise that someone who enjoys rules will value an organized practice. Dynamic Hatha yoga emphasizes mind control through postures and breathing exercises. As sequences adhere to a structure, this is advantageous for those who are drawn to logic.

Another quality that defines Type Cs is attention to detail. Because placements and alignments are so crucial, Iyengar yoga is exceedingly precise. Another great choice is experiential yoga which unites the body and mind. Scaravelli is a kind of Hatha yoga that invites experimentation and discovery if you'd want to try something new.

Type D

Slow and steady wins the race, and repetition leads to perfection. Sounds recognizable? Hello, Type D, with your perceptive, unassuming, and trustworthy personality.

Type Ds are suited to professions that offer variety since they are easygoing yet not lazy. Investigate Vinyasa, a catch-all name for numerous forms of exercise. The spontaneity is based on tradition and nevertheless adheres to a structure, allowing you the perfect amount of play while staying within bounds.

Anusara is a powerful, beautiful flow technique. Type D personalities enjoy knowing the whys and hows of things, therefore Anusara instructors will probably go into great depth about your anatomy and alignment. Sivananda's philosophy, which is based on healthy eating, breathing, relaxation, exercise, and meditation, can be mixed in with a couple of his classes.

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